A Spiritual Diet In Times Of Pandemic

In this story, I am about to share my personal experience with the wheat regime. It is a very special spiritual diet to clean the body and the soul. It is also a great way to shine a new light and new perspective into the crazy world of coronavirus that we live in these days. I will also describe in detail when and how the regime is done.

While surrounded by the craziness of the current pandemic, I felt a very strong calling to do a very special spiritual practice. One of the greatest, but maybe the least-known masters who ever lived on Earth – Beinsa Duno, or simply the Teacher, as people call him gave this practice to his students. He was born in Bulgaria in the second half of the 19th century and left a huge spiritual legacy to humankind. His teachings are the foundation of many modern-day philosophies and spiritual practices. Many people in Bulgaria, and around the world, are closely studying his lectures and reviving the practices, the exercises, and the wisdom he once transferred to his students. 

The wheat regime is one such practice. I’m honored to share it with you. It is not just a diet for cleansing the body, as many people today see it. It is rather a spiritual exercise to purify the soul, to build resilience, to open the heart and to connect to all sentient beings. Inevitably, the body will clean itself throughout the process, and eventually one could also lose some weight. 

Personal insights

I did a total of 4 regimes so far and each experience is unique and fulfilling. I also do a journal each time, so that I can compare my sensations, lessons, insights, and also observe patterns and unresolved conflicts. 

My first time was a breeze. The following two times were very difficult, I had severe headaches, very strange body sensations, weird dreams, and sporadic panic attacks. This 4th time, I felt fantastic the entire time. I barely ate my wheat, not even all the apples and walnuts. Yet, I didn’t feel hungry at all. I felt light, airy, and full of energy during the day. By looking back at my notes, I see that the darker the thoughts I had in my head prior to starting the regime, the worse the side effects of the cleansing were. 

I noticed that during the first 5 days, all sensations are mainly related to the body. On day 5, the teacher says that “the new cells arrive”. What I also observed happening for me around day 5 is the opening of my heart. I started feeling humble and at peace with everything and everyone around me. I felt appreciation for what is present and immense love for all sentient beings, including the famous now coronavirus. I felt its divine presence and divine mission – to unite, to inspire, and to make people humble on a large scale.

“What a beautiful realization”, I thought. I felt love and gratitude in my heart. I always remember that feeling and try to maintain it even days after I finished the regime and I still find myself immersed in a pandemic. 

Let Us Plant A Tree For You!

How to do the wheat regime?

You can do the wheat regime once or a few times per year, but ideally not in two consecutive months. It is 10 days long and you only eat 100gr of wheat, 3 apples, and 9 walnuts per day, equally divided into 3 servings. The wheat grains should be raw, soaked in warm water for 24h before consuming. They should be non-processed, the kind which is suitable for sprouting. Try to find bio certified grains. Eat apples, walnuts, and wheat separately, starting with the apple and waiting for at least half-hour between each food. You can also have a teaspoon of honey with every serving or an occasional spoon throughout the day. Drink hot/warm water only, maybe some light herbal tea such as camomile or linden. All other drinks, including coffee, are not recommended.

Before starting with the first serving for breakfast tell yourself:

“God, thank you for showing me the healing power of Life!”

As I mentioned, the regime is not just about cleansing the body. It is the perfect moment to sanitize your thoughts as well. It is very important to let go of all judgments and offenses while on the regime. Put yourself into a gratitude mode each morning by simply saying thank you for all that is.  

On the 10th day, at noon, you can start introducing other foods to your body. For your very first meal, the Teacher says: cook the “Angelic soup”. It is simply a couple of whole peeled potatoes, boiled in water. You can add some parsley or dill but no oils or salt. You’d be surprised how tasty and delicious a boiled potato can be after eating just raw wheat for 10 days.

It is a great exercise to appreciate and find joy in simplicity.

On the next day, you can start adding more foods to the menu but it is very important to take it slowly and carefully increasing the amount. Start with boiled or raw veggies. Postpone coffee, soda, alcohol, chocolate, meat, dairies, salt, oil, baked, fried and spicy food for at least another 10 days. Avoid fruits and veggies, in the beginning, that are hard on the stomach like tomatoes, garlic, citrus foods, etc. 

It is also very important to prepare your body before you start the regime. For example, if you consume meat, coffee and alcohol, start removing those gradually from your menu at least 10 days before starting. You can replace your daily coffee with green tea to avoid headaches. If you consume bread, eggs, and dairies, start removing them from the menu at least 5 days before you start. Stepping into the regime gradually is important and will save you many unwanted bodily sensations throughout the first days. 

The recommended time for starting the regime is in February. This is when most of the people do it, there are support groups on Facebook, the collective energy could be felt, it is very exciting. However, you could start a wheat regime in any month, 1-2 days after the full moon. This is what I did this year because I could not prepare for February, so I did it in March. 

Disclaimer: The regime is not suitable for people with gluten allergies or intolerance. Also, if you are having some sort of chronic disease and you are taking any prescription medication, it is better to consult your doctor before starting. 

Let Us Plant A Tree For You!

Let Us Plant A Tree For You!